Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is especially for our trusted customers who has put on their trust in We highly recommend our customers to go through our privacy policy and if there is any bewilderment they can talk to one our agent. This privacy policy will make it clear the information require is for what purpose.

The Contact Details

As mentioned in our contact form we require very basic and useful contact details that are; Name, email address, contact number and paper information. This all information is secured in our system and the confidentiality is maintained totally. We ensure no one except the authorized person could access the data. Your information is used to contact with our clients regarding their orders.

Information And Detail Regarding Cookies

Cookies are some chunks of files that are automatically sent to your devices. Cookies are deleted or removed when browser is closed or some other time it is removed. Cookies sent to your computer or account are particularly for it and not used anywhere else. Cookies are also used for advertising and help us to increase our customer’s base. We can easily find with cookies that who is in need of our services so that we can help them. Cookies also enhance the user experience, cookies can be disabled from the browsers but this led to impact the user experience.


The services provided are for research and study, any other use of website content, images, or videos is strictly prohibited.

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